Doorbell Home Automation (KODI)

Hello, here I will share with you some info about how I managed to automatize my doorbell with Kodi.

First of all, you need to setup the Camera Overlay in Kodi and add a Network Camera to the Add-on. You can find more info and Add-on for Camera here:

When you Successfully finished the first step, you need to find a way to trigger the Add-On. This step will be a little bit confusing and will vary by each one of you depending of your Doorbell setup. My Doorbell is just a normal doorbell setup on which I installed an Arduino connected to my Home Local Network. When the doorbell button is pressed, Arduino automatically opens a HTTP link on a Web Server that is running on Raspberry Pi along with the Kodi. This HTTP link is an PHP Script that triggers the Camera Overlay.

In my System, there is one more step which is not important for you to setup this. Also, my Arduino first triggers OpenHab which then sends me an E-Mail and triggers the PHP Script and Kodi.


Also, its Simple. You need to Trigger this PHP Script (on some Web Server on your home network) every time the doorbell button is pressed.

You can download here the PHP Script: doorbell_script. The file you need to execute is “zvono.php”. In file “zvono.php” change this line: $params = ‘xbmc:xbmc@IP_ADDRESS:8080’; with your username and password and the IP Address of Kodi. Ensure that you have enabled the Remote and Web Access in Kodi.

That is. I hope I helped a little bit. If you need more help about the Arduino and triggering the link, write me a comment. Regards!

Vanja Vršić

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9 comments on “Doorbell Home Automation (KODI)
  1. Yiannis says:

    Hi great job there!!!!! I am also planning to implement a camera on my simple doorbell and I would like a little help with the Arduino and triggering the link.

  2. Yiannis says:

    Hi thx for the immediate reply. Could you send me the sketch for the arduino? I am not a programmer but i could edit it to my needs.
    Thanks again.

  3. Bernard says:

    Hi Vanja,

    My name is Bernard. I am the founder and CEO of Jbit. My company is based in Luxembourg and specialises in offering smart home systems to property developers. At the moment, we are working on a new solution based on openHab.

    I have seen your work and I am very interested in discussing possible opportunities that you think you could help us in developing our solution. Please contact me if you are interested. You can see a video of my apartment and the solutions that we offer our customers:

    I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day.


  4. Kris says:

    Hi there

    I cant seem to find your script? im an OH2 user as well and Id love to get this working


  5. icedeath82 says:

    hi can you please put the script online again?

  6. Love too have this work with my Tivo Box and Ring Doorbell.
    Could a box be put between my TiVo box and TV

  7. Jürgen says:

    Hello, unfortunately I can not decide for these components, because I buy exactly that and where I have to program on it?
    Yours sincerely

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