Cheap Microstepping system with STK672-080

The STK672-080 is a stepping motor driver hybrid IC that uses power MOSFETs in the output stage. It includes a built-in microstepping controller and is based on a unipolar constant-current PWM system. It supports five excitation methods: 2 phase, 1-2 phase, W1-2 phase, 2W1-2 phase, and 4W1-2 phase excitations, and can provide control of the basic stepping angle of the stepping motor divided into 1/16 step units. It also allows the motor speed to be controlled with only a clock signal.

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OpenWRT firmware for SX763

Hi, here I will share with you my version of compiled OpenWRT firmware for SX763 with a USB patch. I compiled also all kernel modules and created the repository.

Firmware: openwrt-lantiq-danube-GIGASX76X-squashfs.image


If by default isn’t my repository as default in config, you need to put it manually in: /etc/opkg.conf.

For more information visit:

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